Internationally recognised builder of shade tension structures since 1980, SuperSpan shade sails are available for a wide range of uses for schools, homes, parking areas, outdoor restaurants and industrial requirements. Given SuperSpans world wide experience no project is too complex. SuperSpan is the inventor of the shade sail, and is the holder of many patents relating to them, and yet the inspiration is probably most owed to the Romans who had extremely sophisticated cloth structures. It was possible to cover the Colisseum in a very short time and their knowledge of fabrics was unsurpassed. The only thing they lacked was HDPE ( high density polyethelene) and the advent of this material has allowed many new developments. Until 1981 when Gale Australia first knitted Weathashade, nobody had a solution to the problem of suspending large areas of cloth in a long lasting and weather resistant fashion.


SuperSpan was the first membrane construction company to use knitted shadecloth and saw the potential for this niche market of construction. Two years were spent perfecting patterns and structural methods and those methods and patterns still exceed the standards of all others.


SuperSpan is able to design and manufacture panels to suit a variety of purposes. The tensions required to install the panels correctly can be pre set which means that domestic clients need not fear that their house will be pulled down. It is always important to remember that membrane structures seem to behave best in a wind when their pre stress is high. Around 3kg to the square metre is ideal. This means that a panel of 100 square metres need a tension of 300kgs to stay really flat in a blow. A panel of 250 sq. metres would similarly require a force of around 750kgs. The forces given above are for panels already installed and there are a myriad of complications surrounding forces after that. Different cloth types have varying biaxial stretch factors and these all have to be allowed for.


Using Cad we are able to design shade and assess its practical value or the area of shade covered at different times of the day. Too often shade sails are installed with the main priority being the look of the structure. Very little consideration is given the effective shade it will cast. Our computer programme assesses the design at different times of the day and ensures that at peak use periods, maximum shade is acheived.


The SuperSpan philosophy tends to be bigger is better. From a practical veiwpoint a single large cover is more effecxtive than several small sails. Aesthetically small sails can acheive more and so a compromise has to be reached. Small shade sails can increase reflected light and light that sneaks through gaps. It is also more economical to use a single large roof.


SuperSpan continues to lead the industry; and now with it's latest advances in Water conservation and creation SuperSpan stands tall above the rest.


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